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What is Antenatal Care?

Antenatal care, also known as pre-natal care is a type of preventative healthcare that involves routine health check-ups on pregnant women, against diseases and other obstetric complications that may hinder the safe delivery of the expectant mother. It also involves the provision of information about the lifestyle of expectant mothers, pregnancy, delivery and post-partum care.

Antenatal care, under the obstetrics and gynaecology department, is headed by our chief medical director himself, Dr. Azubuike Ifeanyi; Mbbs, CAL. He has over a decade’s experience in medical practice and has been with the Nigerian military hospital. His exceptional leadership skills are expressed in his work, community and overall satisfaction of all his patients that are and have been under his care.

Here at Lennox Hospital, Our Antenatal service is an embodiment of our motto “the hands that care”. From the moment you are registered with us as an ANC patient, it is beyond a client to customer relationship, you become a part of a family, a family with over 375 registered and active ANC patients, and with a track record of over … 500 safe Deliveries, you can be assured you are in safe hands, safe hands that care.

Why do I need Antenatal Care?

The entire purpose of Antenatal care is to identify and nullify any conditions that may threaten the health of the fetus and/or the mother. It serves to mitigate risk factors that may adversely affect the mother and the child in the entire process and experience from pregnancy to delivery. It ensures safe delivery for both the mother and child, in order to provide a positive experience through the journey of pregnancy and child birth. Antenatal care is very important for expectant mothers, it helps to guide through the process of pregnancy, delivery and post-partum. Antenatal care sheds light on areas the ANC patient may not have information on, information provided by healthcare professionals that will be relevant in ensuring the safety of the mother and foetus. ANC care has several benefits, some of which include:

  • Screening (Detect and prevent early complications)
  • Information on the best nutrition
  • Important vitamins to take
  • Antenatal classes
  • Exercises
  • ANC partners (Fellow expectant mothers)

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